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Project ongoing since 2024


Functional analysis of biological pest control by plant diversification across scales



FunbioDiv assesses the impact of combining plant diversification strategies at different spatial and temporal scales on biodiversity and the control of crop pests.


Pesticide use is one of the main human pressures on biodiversity. Agroecological crop protection is an alternative that combines various management options related to plant diversification across scales to control pests, pathogens or weeds. However, no single management option can control all types of bioaggressors because of their specific modes of action, underlining the need to combine them. As part of the FunBioDiv project, we propose to build on a recent collective expertise (Vialatte et al. 2023) and a large European dataset to assess the impact of combining plant diversification strategies on biodiversity and pest control services. We will summarise the ecological mechanisms at play for the different strategies, using a functional trait approach. We will then build hypotheses about the functional impacts of combining several management options and test these hypotheses on the European dataset. We will quantify how communities of natural enemies, pathogens, weeds and insects respond to these management options. This project will thus identify combined management options that support biodiversity and biological control.


Principal investigators:


Aude VIALATTE – Inrae, FRA

Adrien RUSCH – Inrae, FRA


ouvrir/fermer Participants :

Vialatte Aude – INRAE, France

Rusch Adrien – INRAE, France

Alignier Audrey – INRAE, France

Petit Sandrine – INRAE, France

Lavigne Claire – INRAE, France

Cordeau Stéphane – INRAE, France

Duflot Rémi – University of Jyvaskyla, Finland

Laroche Fabien – INRAE, France

Muneret Lucile – INRAE, France

Fabre Frédéric – INRAE, France

Jeanneret Philippe – Agroscope, Switzerland

Enjalbert Jérôme – INRAE, France

Klaus Birkhofer – Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg, Germany

Fréville Hélène – INRAE, Franc

The FunBioDiv project brings together specialists in ecology, agroecology, agronomy, modeling


FunBioDiv project was selected from the 2023 call for proposals FRB-MTE-OFB “Anthropogenic pressures and impacts on terrestrial biodiversity “. The project selection process was carried out by a committee of independent experts.