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Project ongoing since 2020


Unification of modern Coexistence theory and Price equation

UNICOP © Duthie

Modern coexistence theory provides a unifying framework in ecology for understanding how species interact and coexist. Nevertheless, predicting how species abundances change over time for communities of numerous co-evolving species remains largely intractable. Recent efforts to understand eco-evolutionary change in these communities has been highly successful through the synthesis of ecological and evolutionary models, but complete theoretical unification remains unachieved.


UNICOP will adopt a different approach. Rather than synthesising disparate models, it will build new theory from shared fundamental ecological and evolutionary principles. Deductive inference will then be used to derive fundamental unifying equations of eco-evolutionary dynamics. This project will thereby lead to new unifying equations and re-derive existing fundamental equations from first principles. It will seek general truths concerning how shared processes shape the evolution and coexistence of biodiverse communities, and attempt to bridge gaps that currently exist among parallel theoretical frameworks.


UNICOP during its second workshop in July 2023



Bradley DUTHIE – University of Stirling (UK), Sébastien LION – CEFE CNRS Montpellier (France)

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Lynn GOVAERT – University of Zurich (Switzerland), Florence DÉBARRE – CNRS (France), Victor LUQUE – UNED (Spain), Swati PATEL – Tulane University (USA).

UNICOP brings together specialists in modern coexistence theory, eco-evolutionary theory, modelling, mathematics, formal logic, and conceptual unification.


UNICOP was selected from the 2019 SYNERGY call for proposals with the sDiv synthesis center. The project selection process was carried out by a committee of independent experts

In partnership with the synthesis center