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Project ongoing since 2023


Developing agri-environmental Indicators to MOnitor The Impact of human-driven landscape
changes on biodiVERsity in European farmland


MOTIVER proposes to quantify the moset influential factors on farmland biodiversity in European agroecosystems to improve local-to-landscape farming management and monitor their impact on biodiversity. The project will identify and map major metrics that allow evaluating the impact of each driving pressure on agricultural landscapes. One-dimensional indicators will be computed to model the multifactorial impacts of each driving pressure on landscape, the eco-landscapes, to predict the impacts on biodiversity of multifactorial eco-landscape indicators.


One goal is to ensure the methodology is made reproducible by praticioners, representatives of the national agroecosystems and all components of their biodiversity, and is fit to be extrapolated to other territories. The project proposes to highlight the versatility and relevance of the methodology through several case studies, each being:

1. designed from landscape to national scale

2. focused both on taxa already surveyed in monitoring programs and on functional biodiversity of considerable interest for farmers and ecosystem services (e.g. macroinvertebrates), and

3. describing either a static state of the environment of a dynamic change in landscape characteristics.


Principal investigators :


Gaël CARO – Université de Lorraine (France) ;

Ronan MARREC – Université de Picardie (France)



ouvrir/fermer Participants:

– Gaël CARO – Université de Lorraine (France)

– Ronan MARREC – Université de Picardie Jules Verne (France)

– Benjamin BERGEROT – Université de Rennes 1 (France)

– Hugues BOUSSARD – INRAE (France)

– Majid IRAVANI – University of Alberta (Canada)

– Marianne LASLIER – Université de Picardie Jules Verne (France)

– Gaëtane LE PROVOST – INRAE (France)

– Céline PELOSI – INRAE (France)

– Adrien RUSCH – INRAE (France)

– Sandrine PETIT – INRAE (France)

– Sarah REDLICH – University of Wuerzburg (Allemagne)

– Helene WAGNER – University of Toronto (Canada)

The Motiver brings together specialists in agroecosystems, multi-scale approaches, landscape and functional ecology and socio-landscape modelling.


MOTIVER was selected from the 2023 call for proposals FRB-MTE-OFB “Impacts“. The project selection process was carried out by a committee of independent experts.

partenaires et financeurs