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Project finished in 2019 - AFTER in 2022


Global Evaluation of the Impacts of Storms on freshwater Habitat and structure of phytoplankton Assemblages 


Phytoplankton abundance and composition are sensitive to water column conditions which are strongly influenced by weather (e.g., wind and rain) and climate change.


GEISHA was framed in support to the GLEON Stormblitz project to gather and analyse time-series through collaborative efforts to assess the impacts of storms on phytoplankton. The project includes more than 80 researchers from governmental institutes and universities. 


GEISHA’ was, among others, able to:

  • gather and standardize existing long-term datasets,
  • assess the impact of storms on nutrients, light, water column stability and subsequent impacts on the structure of phytoplankton communities,
  • perform meta-analyses to evaluate the sensitivity of aquatic ecosystems to extreme weather events, and
  • highlight that biological consequences of storms on phytoplankton are fundamental to the dynamics of lakes and yet are still poorly understood. There is a real need for scientific collaboration to understand the impact of extreme weather events on lakes.


More information about GEISHA: https://www.geisha-stormblitz.fr


CESAB Geisha

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Orlane ANNEVILLE – INRAE (France); Jason STOCKWELL – University of Vermont (USA); Vijay PATIL – US Geological Survey, Alaska (USA)



Jonathan DOUBEK – University of Vermont (USA)

ouvrir/fermer Participants:

Rita ADRIAN – IGB Berlin (Germany); Laurence CARVALHO – Centre of Environment and Hydrology (UK); Chun Wei CHANG – National Taiwan University (Taiwan); Gaël DUR – Shizuoka University (Japon); Chih-hao HSIEH – National Taiwan University (Taiwan); Marc LAJEUNESSE – University of South Florida (USA); Aleksandra LEWANDOWSKA – University of Oldenburg (Germany); James RUSAK – Dorset Environmental Science Centre (Canada); Nico SALMASO – IASMA Research and Innovation Centre (Italy); François SCHMITT – CNRS, LOG (France); Sami SOUISSI – University Lille 1 (France); Dietmar STRAILE – University of Konstanz (Germany); Christian Torsten SELTMANN – Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (Germany); Stephen THACKERAY – Centre of Environment and Hydrology (UK); Pablo URRUTIA CORDERO – Uppsala University (Sweden); Patrick VENAIL – University of Geneva (Switzerland); Iestyn WOOLWAY – Dundalk Institute of Technology (UK).

GEISHA brings together specialists in limnology, plankton ecology and taxonomy, global change, statistics and data analysis.  


GEISHA was selected from the 2015 call for proposals. The project selection process was carried out by a committee of independent experts


GEISHA received funding from the USGS John Wesley Powell Center for Synthesis and Analysis, the University of Savoie Mont-Blanc (France), Fulbright, and the French embassy in Canada (grant Mourou/Strickland).


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Geisha in the media

Stockwell JD, Doubek JP, Adrian R, Anneville O, et al (2020) Storm impacts on phytoplankton community dynamics in lakes. Global Change Biology, accepted. doi: 10.1111/gcb.15033.

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