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Projet en cours depuis 2023


Towards a change of paradigm in biological conservation: from sepcies to functions, from individuals to ecosystems, from local to global scales


FREE 2 aims at questioning the foundations of biology and conservation based on functional criteria. This is a real paradigm shift that might bring about profound changes to politics of conservation at both local and global scales. Previous work from the FREE 1 consortium opened promising perspectives regarding the development of new indicators.


FREE 2 will write a synthesis of published work having studied organisms and populations from a functional angle, and will put forward perspectives for biodiversity conservation. A meta-analysis looking at biodiversity- ecosystem functioning work will also be caried out, combining the different available databases of functional traits of organisms. This work will thus demonstrate the role of functionally distinct species in the regulation of ecosystem functions, their multi-functionality and exosystem services more broadly.


Temporal series of varied taxonomic groups will be analyzed to understand the way functionally distinct species are maintained (or lost) in response to different environmental and anthropic pressures.

Finally, FREE 2 will develop an R package dedicated to simplify the analysis of functional diversity patterns at different scales and organisational levels. Particular attention will be put on making this package easy to use and flexible to allow its use by researchers but also biodiversity managers.


All these tasks converge towards a unique goal: laying out the foundations of a new discipline centred around biodiversity and ecosystem conservation from a functional angle. The project will be further developed with discussions held with philosophers specialists in biodiversity and ecosystem services to compare and contrast different views on the subject.




Cyrille VIOLLE – CEFE-CNRS (France)

ouvrir/fermer Post-doc:

Lucie MAHAUT – CNRS (France)

ouvrir/fermer Participants:

Arnaud AUBER – IFREMER Boulogne-sur-mer (France); Marc CADOTTE – University of Toronto, (Canada); Brian ENQUIST – University of Arizona (USA); Pierre GAUZERE – IDIV (France); Matthias GRENIE – CNRS (France); Christopher KLAUSMEIER – Michigan State University (USA); Nathan KRAFT, University of Maryland (USA); Helena LITCHMAN – Michigan State University (USA); Nicolas LOISEAU – CNRS (France); Anthony MAIRE – EDF (France); Brian MCGILL – University of Maine (USA); Matthew MCLEAN – Ifremer (France); David MOUILLOT – University of Montpellier (France); Nicolas MOUQUET – CNRS Montpellier (France); François MUNOZ – Grenoble University (France); Annette OSTLING -University of Michigan (USA); Catalina PIMIENTO – University of Zurich (Switzerland); Wilfried THUILLER – CNRS Grenoble (France); Sébastien VILLEGIER – CNRS (France).

FREE 2 gathers specialists in different taxonomic grouops, community ecology, macro-ecology, functional ecology, microbial and phylogenic ecology.


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