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The Foundation
The French Foundation for Biodiversity Research (FRB) is a platform between the various scientific actors and the society stakeholders on biodiversity.

The governance of the FRB is interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder.



The StrategieOrientation Board

The Strategic Orientation Board (Cos in French) emanates from the Stakeholders’ Assembly of the French Foundation for Biodiversity Research.

Like the Foundation’s Scientific Council (CS in French), it represents one of the two statutory body that give the FRB its specificity as a science-society interface.


The members of the Cos participate in the governance of the FRB and ensure that the Foundation’s actions take into account the challenges of society. For its 2022-2025 mandate, the Strategic Orientation Board is composed of 36 structures divided into 3 colleges:
College 1: Public, parapublic and institutions / College 2: Economic sector and industries / College 3: Civil society