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The FRB in action


The French Foundation for Research on Biodiversity (FRB) (FRB) hosts the scientific secretariat of the French Committee for IPBES. The committee’s role is:

  • To promote the participation of French experts in IPBES work.
    FRB works with its biodiversity expert network, representing many disciplinary fields grounded in research, practices and techniques. Experts participate in IPBES expert groups or task forces. Experts out of IPBES play a major role as reviewers.


  • To support French representatives during IPBES plenaries.
    FRB provides scientific and technical support to the Government for IPBES discussions since 2011, on the set up of the Platform and its procedures as well as on IPBES outputs, such as the summaries for policymakers of its assessments.


  • To disseminate IPBES work at the national level, and at the regional level through cooperation with FRB’s European partners.
    FRB works with its networks of researchers and socio-economic organisations, especially its Stakeholder Advisory Board, to disseminate IPBES messages that are relevant at the French level, in a relevant format designed specifically for stakeholders.
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