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The FRB in action


The Foundation for Biodiversity Research (FRB) is part of Eklipse, the European science-policy network for biodiversity and ecosystem services whose objectives are:

  • Establish a light and transparent governance model for an autonomous and sustainable (self-sustainable) mechanism based on evidence-based decision-making, on the themes of biodiversity and ecosystem services, in Europe.


  • Coordinate innovative and explicit (transparent) approaches to enable actors from the scientific, political and societal spheres to provide evidence-based facts to support decision-making.


  • Promote the effective engagement of actors in society, science and policy in multi-stakeholder consultations and cross-disciplinary to jointly identify research priorities and emerging topics on biodiversity themes and ecosystem services.


  • Improve collaboration with networks that hold knowledge that can impact biodiversity and ecosystem service.


  • Encourage societal debate and exchanges with policy makers and researchers in the field of biodiversity and ecosystem services.


The FRB is involved in the Eklipse governance decisions, in particular the calls for applications, their selection, the selection of experts to form the working groups, and the support of some of these expert groups.