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FRB-Cesab - Post-doc

Cassie Speakman joined the FRB in May 2024 as a post-doctoral researcher at CESAB on the DISCAR project. Within this project, Cassie Speakman will study the impact of human pressures on small carnivores in France by connecting the fields of bioenergetics and demographic modelling in an integrated framework. Ultimately, the project aims to provide analytical tools and evidence-based management recommendations for key stakeholders.


Cassie Speakman completed her PhD at Deakin University, Australia, where she investigated the vulnerability of Australian fur seals to environmental change. In particular, she determined the individual- and population-level consistency in foraging and dive behaviour and investigated how local- and large-scale climate conditions influenced their foraging and diving behaviour. Finally, Cassie Speakman developed an individual-based model to predict the effect of future environmental change on the behaviour and reproductive success of the species.