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[FRB-CESAB] Biodiversity knowledge synthesis: an introduction to meta-analyses and systematic reviews – 2024

[FRB-CESAB] Biodiversity knowledge synthesis: an introduction to meta-analyses and systematic reviews – 2024

Pre-registrations are now open (in French)!

To pre-register, fill in the form at the end of the page. Beware, the number of places being limited, successful applications will be confirmed in June.


The CESAB – Centre for Biodiversity Synthesis and Analysis – of the FRB is offering the second edition of the following training course: “Biodiversity knowledge synthesis: an introduction to meta-analyses and systematic reviews“. This five-day course aims to train researchers on the methods and techniques of meta-analyses and systematic reviews/maps applied to the field of biodiversity.


In addition, it will be an opportunity to become familiar with the various  different tools available, both bibliographic (e.g., WOS; Zotero/Mendeley/Endnote) and statistical (R packages: metaDigisitise, metafor…), necessary for undertaking a review and meta-analysis.


The training course will be given in French and will take place from 30th September to October 4th 2023 at CESAB, in Montpellier. The price will be 150 € for the week, including lunch. Travel, accommodation and evening meals are at the expense of the participants. 




Find more about the course on GitHub




A good command of R software is required, but it is not necessary to have previous experience in meta-analyses or systematic reviews.

In addition, a good level of French and English is required



List of organisers (in alphabetical order):

The list of organisers is susceptible to change.




Workshop: 30 Sept – 4 Oct 2024


  • Pre-registration opening

April 8th 2024



  • Pre-registration closure

May 3rd 2024, midnight (CEST)


  • Registration confirmation

June 2024


5, rue de l’École de médecine

34000 Montpellier







Nicolas CASAJUS 


Monday 30th September 2024:
– Welcome and presentation of the week.
– Introduction to knowledge synthesis.
– The usefulness of a systematic review protocol (a methodological paper).
– The importance of involving stakeholders.
– Systematic literature searching: bibliographic databases (Web of Science, Scopus, Google Scholar, etc.), formulating search strings (PECO / PICO approach).
– Constitution and cleaning of the corpus (various tools)
Tuesday 1st October 2024 :
Morning :
– Article screening: systematic methods
– Article screening: eligibility criteria
– Extraction of (meta-)data
– Qualitative synthesis and visualisation of (meta-)data
Practical work session
Wednesday 2nd October 2024
– Critical appraisal: understanding the importance of assessing levels of bias in meta-analysis / systematic reviews, and learning how to apply it.
– Introduction to quantitative approaches: calculation of effect-sizes; discover the different types of metrics e.g. d/g hedges, odd ratios (R package: metafor)
– Quantitative data extraction: the tools available (R package: metaDigitise, plotdigitzer)
Quantitative synthesis: data visualisation e.g. forest plots, confidence intervals (R packages: ggplot2)
Practical work session
– Risk of bias and interpretation of meta-analysis results
Thursday 3rd October 2024
– All day : Sub-group projects tailored to your needs. Time for applying methods e.g. planning a review, using R scripts to undertake a meta-analysis.
Friday 4 October 2024:
Morning :
– Debriefing of the week and presentation of the results of the sub-groups.
Pre-registration form (in French)

Critères de sélection / Selection criteria