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Jean-François BAROILLER

Jean-François BAROILLER

Jean-François Baroiller is a senior researcher at CIRAD. Within the Conservation/Domestication Department of ISEM, Jean-François Baroiller is working on individual and population responses and adaptations to rapid changes in temperature or salinity in three species of tilapia (teleost fishes of the Cichlidae family). This work combines ecological approaches, experiments in controlled environments, and genetic, genomic and epigenomic analyses.


Jean-François Baroiller has participated in and coordinated many national and international research projects on these aspects. He was head of the “Aquaculture and Management of Aquatic Resources” research unit and then of the INTREPID (Reasoned and Ecological Intensification for a Sustainable PIsciculture) research unit.

Other functions: Jean-François Baroiller was a member of the Scientific Council of the “Animal Physiology and Farming Systems” Department of the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (now INRAE).