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Businesses, associations, public institutions, local governments, nature reserve managers and political personalities are today’s key stakeholders for biodiversity. By getting involved with the FRB, a non-profit organisation, you can contribute to ambitious and innovative research projects.

Become a member of the stakeholders’ advisory council: a unique opening to support the biodiversity projects you are interested in and watch them develop. make your expertise available and formulate questions for research.

Become a patron of FRB projects: the scientific projects of the FRB reflect society’s priorities and respond to the major challenges of biodiversity. they could gain in scope and scale with your support.

Become a founding member of the FRB: alongside to the nine organisations already members, you can directly intervene in the Foundation’s strategy.

Scientific excellence for challenging issues in biodiversity

Projects we found are selected on their scientific excellence and on the relevance to main issues and challenges in biodiversity. We aim to associate from the beginning relevant stakeholders: co-building, assessment or transfert. 

We are a cost-effective foundation and our major projects are significatively reliant on donations or partnership from individuals, trusts, foundations and corporations. Since 2008, we collected €6 millions for more than 170 projects all over the world in different ecosystems: terrestrial, marine, coastal...

We have some intern and extern controls on the funds we allocate and a donator chart.