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The Stakeholders Advisory Board (SAB) is open to any stakeholder concerned by biodiversity issues in its professional activities, on application. Selected stakeholders fulfill a 3-year, renewable term. The main missions of the SAB are to:

Identify and prioritize stakeholders’ expectations and questions on biodiversity issues;

Contribute to forward-looking assessments;

Co-design research projects with the Scientific Council;

Monitor project results.

In 2015, 171 structures are participating to the SAB, ranging from NGOs to businesses to local authorities to interest groups. The official status of the FRB states that the SAB has 40 members, so the structures are organised into 40 groups, which represent their interest at the SAB meetings. The groups are themselves gathered into five colleges depending on their focus area:

  • Management of areas, environment and species;
  • Management of domestic and related wild genetic resources;
  • Nature protection;
  • Economic and industrial actions;
  • Social and political actions, and relationship with the broader public.

The five elected representatives of each group sit at the Board of Directors.