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As a foundation for scientific cooperation, the FRB’s mission is to support research on biodiversity at national, European and international levels in close interaction with all stakeholders. Among the core activities of the FRB are to encourage innovation, to develop and support projects and to mobilise expertise in the fields of biology, chemistry, socio-economic and legal sciences. Training, awareness-building and knowledge-dissemination are all integral to these actions. 

CESAB, the Center for the Synthesis and Analysis of Biodiversity, to foster innovative biodiversity research by valuing existing data sets and advancing new concepts

ECOSCOPE, the Network of biodiversity research obervatories, understanding and anticipating changes in biodiversity and associated ecosystem services

Modelling and Scenarios, to anticipate the future of biodiversity

BiodivERsA, the network of organisations programming and funding research on biodiversity and ecosystem service accross Europe

A national database of researchers in biodiversity to better understand the potential of biodiversity research, respond to the needs for mobilisation of expertise and facilitate the networking of researchers