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ECOSCOPE’s aim is to set up an entry point to access to research and observation datasets on biodiversity in order to document and understand its state and trends, mechanisms at work in its changes, and to build scenarios of the future of the biodiversity.

To understand patterns and processes of biodiversity, its dynamics and the main determining factors, it is necessary to aggregate and link multiple types of data, collected over long periods, well structured and harmonized. The scientific challenge is therefore the complementarity of observations and, for scientific community, to combine these various information:

  • Variables characterizing species and communities (distribution, abundance, phenology...) with other biological variables (morphology, diet, genomics, reproduction...)
  • Environmental data (climate, nitrogen, soil quality...)
  • And socio-economic data (agricultural practices, farming systems, human population density...)

ECOSCOPE is an infrastructure that will contribute to better organize data collection, management and reuse, facilitating remote access to different types of biodiversity observation datasets.

  • These data come from research observatories, biological resources centers and collections but also data from experimental manipulation. Data are managed by the laboratories.
  • They are used for research and to provide information and synthesis that support policy decision-making.
  • This platform is building with existing research and biodiversity observation systems that store information, and contributes to link the communities of practice collecting and utilizing biodiversity observations and data.


ECOSCOPE is an infrastructure funded and managed by French research organisms through the Foundation for Research on Biodiversity (FRB) which ensures its coordination. It is listed on the roadmap of National Research Infrastructures (RI) and was labeled System for Observation and Experimentation for Research on Environment (SOERE) by the National Alliance for Research on Environment (AllEnvi ) over the period 2011-2015. Denis Couvet (National Museum of Natural History) is the scientific coordinator.

The work carried out through ECOSCOPE is made in connection with the Ministry of Research, the research organisms, and in close collaboration with the Ministries of Environment and of Agriculture and civil society stakeholders.