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CESAB, the Center for the Synthesis and Analysis of Biodiversity, created and developed by FRB. Started in 2010, it's the first center of this nature in Europe.

Time and Space for Biodiversity Research

CESAB proposes a new approach to biodiversity research, fostering a better use of existing data, information and knowledge. CESAB hosts research groups during working sessions of undisturbed, slow time. Biodiversity research is an area of study that requires the manipulation of large data sets collected in different locations, at different scales, on different variables: species distribution, time series, biological, climatic, socio-economic, remote sensing data, etc. The answer to a number of questions requires to assemble and combine such multiple and heterogeneous data sets, allowing researchers to conduct new analyses, beyond those possible from the use of data collected in individual studies or research programmes. The potential for new analyses and synthesis of these data collected during different and uncoordinated studies remains largely under-valued.

CESAB Website