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The mission of the Foundation for Research on Biodiversity (FRB) is in line with the national biodiversity strategy and the national research strategy. The FRB’s mission is to promote, support and organize research activities into biodiversity in biological, socio-economic and legal domains, and encourage activities centred on learning, awareness and sharing results.

This mission is developed according to the priorities defined by the scientific strategy on French biodiversity research, drawn up by the FRB scientific council in 2009:

  • To reinforce the approaches and tools recording the state and dynamics of biodiversity.

  • To understand the ecological and socio-economic mechanisms behind biodiversity dynamics and ecological services.

  • To model and plot shifts in biodiversity.

  • To take account of biodiversity values.


PLAN OF ACTION 2014-2017

The Plan of action 2014-2017 is designed around 5 aims:

  • Mobilize multidisciplinary inter-structural expertise for decision making.

  • Support the structuration, analysis and summarizing of data and knowledge to enhance understanding of biodiversity dynamics.

  • Organize and direct strategic reflection and foresight in order to identify biodiversity research priorities.

  • Promote research programmes on prioritized themes.

  • Disseminate and transfer knowledge.