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JeanFrancois SThe FRB will celebrate its 7th birthday this summer and is now a clearly visible element in the landscape of structures that contribute to the development of French research on biodiversity. It owes this visibility to the support of its founders and the ministries involved and to the work conducted by its teams, its strategic orientation council and its scientific council. All of these efforts have resulted in significant contributions to the funding of research into biodiversity through calls for projects implemented or guided by the FRB, as well as national projects, through the organization of colloquia and seminars, and through multiple targeted and forward-looking studies resulting in valued documents. The challenge of bringing together scientific organizations and stakeholders is in the process of bearing fruit and the founding concept of scientific cooperation has just been validated by the arrival of LVMH in the foundation’s board of directors. This marks a long awaited phase in the development of the FRB and a strong sign of changes in perception of society’s players in relation to research into biodiversity.

For my part, presiding over the FRB represents both a culmination and a strong commitment. A culmination, as I was one of those who put the finishing touches to the founding texts of the FRB at the end of 2007, then I had the honour and pleasure of presiding over the foundation’s scientific council before becoming a candidate for the presidency. A strong commitment, as today I am more convinced than ever of the pertinence of the FRB and I know that in order to maintain its ambition and fulfil its aims in a rapidly changing structural environment, a constant personal investment is essential, as shown by my predecessors, Bernard Delay and Patrick Duncan, whom I acclaim here with respect and admiration. All this must also be accompanied by enthusiasm and optimism as the aim is still to contribute to research by providing useful knowledge for the conservation, the durable use and enhancement of biodiversity, a trilogy that we must never tire of repeating.

Jean-François Silvain
President of the FRB